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Borivali West, Mumbai- Mahashivratri Celebration

The Brahma Kumaris,Borivali (West) Centre organised ‘Shiv Darshan Jhanki’ on the occasion of Mahashivratri during 19th to 22nd February, 2020. Temple Architecture in the front and  Tableau of ‘Shiva Linga enveloped in a large Lotus Flower’ -located at the centre of entrance- made a huge impact to the visitors and was a major attraction. Brahma kumaris had a clear message… Read More »

01-12-2019 : BK Shivani

Prawaas 2019 – India International Bus & Car Travel Show

BKs at Prawas-2019 Under the guidance of BK Divyaprabha behn (Vice Chair person, Transport and Travel Wing), a delegation of 6 members from Brahma Kumaris were invited to a 3 days Expo – Prawaas 2019 – India International Bus & Car Travel Show organized by BOCI (Bus & Car Operators Confederation of India) from July… Read More »

Borivali(W)- International Day of Yoga

Borivali West : 21st June International Day of Yoga