News: Mumbai-Borivali : Angel Walk and World Meditation Hour

Angel Walk and World Meditation Hour Date : 20th January 2019, 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm Venue: Veer Savarkar Garden, Borivali(W), Mumbai

Brother Gopal Shetty ji (Member of Parliament) and Sister BK Divyaprabha (Subzone Incharge, North-Mumbai Rajyoga Centers) were present at flag-off ceremony of ‘Angel Walk’. While Sister BK Divyaprabha spoke in brief about the purpose of the event, Brother Gopal Shetty ji appreciated Brahma Kumaris for adopting such unique approach of serving people and nature through positive vibrations.
12 BK Sisters were dressed-up as an Angel. Angels while walking in the silence gave blessing cards to visitors in the park. They were accompanied by other 2 sisters and one brother who would attend the people keen to know about this unique event.
Angel Walk received a very good response from the visitors at the park. People were happy to receive blessing cards from Angels.

Third Sunday International Meditation hour was a parallel event of collective meditation on at the ground adjacent to the park. It was gathering of around 1200 Rajyogis. An atmosphere full of peace was created with so many yogis doing meditation.